For Women

For Women Wearers
If the person wearing Erox is female then the potent cocktail of pheromone and non-pheromone compounds will target both the wearer and the target. First, Androstedionone will work on the female wearer and serve to elevate the mood and inspire increased feelings of confidence and well being.
Attract Men with Estratetraenol and ER303
Estratetraenol will elevate the mood of men and put them at ease, allowing the ER303 (Muricin Aglycone) to further heighten feelings of arousal, sensuality, and social warmth in both the wearer of Erox and her intended male target.
How to use Erox
How often should I apply Erox? The initial testers of Erox reported that good results were obtained with the equivalent of two sprays. If you apply the spray on your clothing expect the scent to last twice as long as when it is applied directly to skin. When applied to the skin, the heat of the body will result in a more powerful effect but will evaporate more quickly.
Where should I apply Erox? Usually, Erox is applied to the following points on the body: Behind the ears. The base of the neck at the throat. The center of the chest, just below the sternum. The wrists and inner part of the elbow. The backs of the knees. The bottom of the feet. Women report success with ankles and thighs.
What can I expect? Increased levels of confidence and well being; greater levels of feeling good about oneself; a sense of being more "in control" of your emotions. In other words, Erox enhances your basic natural attraction and attractiveness.