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“There was a feeling of being slightly more confident and/or unselfconscious than usual.”

“The only phero i would truly not wear around my girlfriend is Erox. Very dangerous from my experience :P”

“This is the best diffusing/long-lasting pheromone i have used so far. Just a small amount seems to last consistently for about 4 hours.”

“Incidentally I went to the ER last night while still wearing Erox. I got some VIP treatment.”

“Despite my failure, I still think that Erox is totally awesome. It really melts first-contact barriers and make girls all smiley and comfortable chatting with you.”

“The self effects of Erox are nice. It puts you in an upbeat mood.” 

“To sum it up…people [They] kind of lust after you because of your status. Its a hard one to label but labels aren’t important when you get hits.” 

“I’m noticing a pattern of social disinhibition in myself with Erox. I’m not talking anything crazy here. I’m not slapping asses or wolf-whistling anyone. I’m just finding it much easier to initiate conversation with people. Normally, I might worry a bit about whether they might think I’m creepy or simply not want to talk. With Erox on, I don’t even really think about it. I just start chatting with them, and so far, they’ve happily chatted back.”

“IMO Erox works better than the -none based sexual blends. It does not make the girls feel jittery/nervous, it just attracts.” 

” I am very impressed with this first try! Seems to make girls really doe-eyed and melts the barriers to first contact.”

“The effects were immediate, we ended up wrestling like horny teen-agers”

The Scent

“I can confirm the scent is quality, even has multiple notes from what my amateur nose can tell.”

“The fragrance is nice it had a grapefruit and watermelon type of fragrance to it. It’s not too strong.”